Friday, January 7, 2011

Scrap Yard Knives..The hardest use blades made.

Imagine a knife company that makes knives from the same steel that is used to make Jack Hammer Drill Bits! Then that company heat treats the steel to a through hardened RC 60-61 and sells it for about $25.00 a inch.
That is Scrap Yard Knife Company. Owned by the brother of Busse Combat Knife fame Dan and Patti Busse have taken this unique steel choice and turned it into a cult like status among its devotes. The Dogs as they call themselves are bound on a SCKC Forum to regale stories of how much abuse they have heaped on their knives. And the company condones the said abuse of its products. AMAZING.

A true wonder among the 2009 knife company's.

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