Friday, January 7, 2011

Scrap Yard Knife Company

When it comes to hard use knives no company does it better than Scrap Yard knife Company. Their price to performance ratio is second to none in the knife world. Their warranty is full and no nonsense. If it breaks,chips,or fails at all for any reason even due to your own abuse and negligence the blade will be replaced at once with a new blade.
When hard use is termed I mean the ability to chop down trees of any size you feel the blade can handle size wise. There are NO limits when using Scrappers as they are affectionately called. They are born to eat abuse and come back for more. To date NO blade made by Scrap Yard has chipped a edge. The steel used is the same used in making jack Hammer bits. It is called S-7 "Shock Steel". When the Busse family heat treats the steel and uses a transverse wave heat treat lasting over 40 hours the steel takes on new and even more stronger properties becoming know as SR-77. The steel Scrap Yard is famous for. It is over the top in strength. You need to try some and see for yourself what all the talk is about. Enjoy the pictures,
I do!

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