Friday, January 7, 2011

TiNives Eye of the Tiger Small

Incredibly rare folding knife made by "TiNives". A company way ahead of its time. The opening action has 88 ceramic balls inside to make opening and closing as water from a tap. Smooth beyond description. The pattern on the handle is unique to every knife they made. The handles are immersed into a vat with the color blend. Then current is put through to bond the color to the handle permanently. Thus no two are ever the same. When they were introduced they were priced at $375.00 for the small model shown here with a 3 inch blade and at $550.00 for the larger 4 inch version. The steel is 154 CM a very high quality stainless steel for knife use only.
True works of art. The company went belly up after only 2 years of production. There are no records to verify how many knives of each style were ever produced. These are very rare items. I have 3 of them.
A small "Eye of the Tiger" shown here. A black switchblade 4 inch version,and a 4 inch "Stars and Stripes version.
Highly coveted blades to be sure.

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