Friday, January 7, 2011

Scrap Yard Knife Company

When it comes to hard use knives no company does it better than Scrap Yard knife Company. Their price to performance ratio is second to none in the knife world. Their warranty is full and no nonsense. If it breaks,chips,or fails at all for any reason even due to your own abuse and negligence the blade will be replaced at once with a new blade.
When hard use is termed I mean the ability to chop down trees of any size you feel the blade can handle size wise. There are NO limits when using Scrappers as they are affectionately called. They are born to eat abuse and come back for more. To date NO blade made by Scrap Yard has chipped a edge. The steel used is the same used in making jack Hammer bits. It is called S-7 "Shock Steel". When the Busse family heat treats the steel and uses a transverse wave heat treat lasting over 40 hours the steel takes on new and even more stronger properties becoming know as SR-77. The steel Scrap Yard is famous for. It is over the top in strength. You need to try some and see for yourself what all the talk is about. Enjoy the pictures,
I do!

Scrap Yard Knives..The hardest use blades made.

Imagine a knife company that makes knives from the same steel that is used to make Jack Hammer Drill Bits! Then that company heat treats the steel to a through hardened RC 60-61 and sells it for about $25.00 a inch.
That is Scrap Yard Knife Company. Owned by the brother of Busse Combat Knife fame Dan and Patti Busse have taken this unique steel choice and turned it into a cult like status among its devotes. The Dogs as they call themselves are bound on a SCKC Forum to regale stories of how much abuse they have heaped on their knives. And the company condones the said abuse of its products. AMAZING.

A true wonder among the 2009 knife company's.

Rainwalker Sheath

This unbelievable leather sheath was made for my by "Rainwalker Creative Designs". Jeff Law a friend I met in the Scrap Yard Forum page. He has a talent for leather and kydex sheaths like no person I have ever known of. This art sheath was made to house my Dog Father Limited Edition knife 10 inch blade 15 inches overall. The sheath can be worn on the hip in a "dangler" style sheath or worn across the chest in a Bandoleer style. It has so much detail it is beyond description. It is a heirloom sheath as well.
Pictured also are a few of my larger Scrap Yard Knives.

This is a Randy Doucette Flipper

This folding knife is made by Randy Doucette. A Canadian high end knife maker. This is called a "Flipper" style knife. It has a tip that stands out when closed. By pushing on it with your forefinger it flies open on Teflon bearings as quick as a spring loaded switchblade.
This features CPM S30V stainless steel. Spalted Maple scales with carbon fiber bolsters.
I have carried this knife EVERY day since I bought it on my 52nd birthday at The Chicago Knife Show.
It's a real beauty and flawless in design and action. Spot on.

TiNives Stars and Stripes Forever Large

TiNives Stars and Stripes Foreever.

TiNives Eye of the Tiger Small

Incredibly rare folding knife made by "TiNives". A company way ahead of its time. The opening action has 88 ceramic balls inside to make opening and closing as water from a tap. Smooth beyond description. The pattern on the handle is unique to every knife they made. The handles are immersed into a vat with the color blend. Then current is put through to bond the color to the handle permanently. Thus no two are ever the same. When they were introduced they were priced at $375.00 for the small model shown here with a 3 inch blade and at $550.00 for the larger 4 inch version. The steel is 154 CM a very high quality stainless steel for knife use only.
True works of art. The company went belly up after only 2 years of production. There are no records to verify how many knives of each style were ever produced. These are very rare items. I have 3 of them.
A small "Eye of the Tiger" shown here. A black switchblade 4 inch version,and a 4 inch "Stars and Stripes version.
Highly coveted blades to be sure.

Mark Laramie High End Folding Knife

This Warncliffe Slip Joint Folding Knife was made for me by Mark Laramie. He specializes in high end Art Knives. This has a Robert Eggerling "Raindrop Damascus" blade with Exhibition grade Mother of Pearl scales. It has wonderful Filework all over the liners and some on the blade. It has my birthstone a Sapphire gem set into the thumb pull.
This is my first high end art knife. It was for my 49th birthday.
The paperweight is my deceased Mothers collection. It is made entirely from molten glass found after the eruption of Mount Saint Helen's Volcano's eruption.

A few of my Switchblades and Tactical folding knives

A few of my Automatic knives and some Tactical blades as well.

Skyblade Falcon

Skyblade "Falcon" a model I designed and Todd Orr has never put into production. Rare? You bet ,the only other knife of the Falcon line is in his private collection. He always keeps the first of a design as his template and permanent part of his own collection.

Custom sheath by Paul Long master sheath maker. Lined with deer skin,with a insert of Black Shark. Outstanding!

Skyblade Madison Eight

This is our income tax refund in 2011. It is yet another piece of artwork from Todd Orr of Skyblade Knives. It is a model called The Madison Eight.
The blade is 8 inches long with the top 3.5 inches also sharpened to a razors edge.
In honor of my fetish with the number 9... as in 9-9-1957 at 9:09 a.m. lived at 919 Tower drive. Nine plays prominent in my whole life. When I contacted him about making me a large chopper/hunting blade I was astounded to find out it would be the ninth blade he has made of this model. He numbers in sequence each knife with its own unique number for the particular model.
I love it!'
ATS-34 mirror polished stainless steel with extraordinarily rare Madison Maple scales.
A true heirloom knife to pass down to my children.

Baker Chute knife

Bryan Baker Chute Knife. Grind lines are flawless,CPM S30V stainless steel
with red spaces and green micarta scales. It is absolutely without flaw and a bargain at $600.00
Bryan worked for 10 years at the prestigious "Chris Reeve Knife Company" and earned a degree of grinding technique that is unbelievable. He now makes knives on his own and they are flawless.